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Terumo Hematocrit Calculator

About the Hematocrit Calculator

The Hematocrit Calculator is a tool that allows perfusionists to examine current practices and stimulate conversations on how to control hemodilution and preserve patient hematocrit. By using the calculator simulation, the clinical team can see how incremental changes to their perfusion circuit, cardioplegia crystalloid volume, RAP techniques and anesthesia volume impact the patient's hematocrit. The calculator provides a side-by-side comparison of the current circuit and a lower prime circuit — and graphically demonstrates potential blood transfusion reduction and associated cost savings.

The calculator demonstrates the benefit of Prescriptive Oxygenation™ — Terumo's unique approach to helping you customize your circuit for each patient's oxygenation and blood management needs.



About Optimizing Blood Management

As the cost of donor blood rises and supply decreases, interest in reducing blood transfusions has grown substantially. Hospital administrators have been scrutinizing their use of blood products and encouraging clinicians to adopt blood management programs. While much of the renewed attention to blood management may be driven by economic concerns, clinicians have long recognized the clinical benefits associated with minimizing the use of donor blood.

Formulas used for Terumo Hematocrit Calculator

Patient Pre Bypass Blood Volume (cc) =
Patient pre bypass weight(kg) x patient pre bypass blood volume by weight(cc/kg)

CPB Hematocrit (%) =
[Patient pre bypass hematocrit(%) x patient pre bypass blood volume(cc)]
[Patient pre bypass blood volume(cc) + anesthesia volume(cc) + circuit prime volume(cc) + CPG crystalloid volume(cc) - RAP volume(cc)]

On CPB Patient Blood Volume (cc) =
Patient pre bypass blood volume(cc) + anesthesia volume(cc) + circuit prime volume(cc) + CPG crystal. volume(cc) - RAP volume(cc)

Red cell Volume required to transfuse(cc) =
[On CPB patient blood volume(cc) x [transfusion trigger(%) - CPB hematocrit(%)]]
Banked blood hematocrit(%)

Donor blood required =
Red cell volume required to transfuse(cc)
Banked blood volume per unit(cc)

Transfusion Cost ($) =
Donor blood required x Banked blood cost per unit($)

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