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Introducing ECMO information in the palm of your hand

Advanced Clinical Guidance (ACG) ECMO™ lets you monitor multiple patients simultaneously from any mobile device. The cloud-based tool connects data from multiple sources onto one display that can be viewed remotely by the entire ECMO team.


Connect to all medical devices. Our proprietary hub connects with hundreds of medical devices (patient monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, CRRTs, anesthesia machines, etc.), and is able to consume both waveforms and discrete data as fast as a device is able to output data.


Securely integrate with available health data systems (ADT, EHR, EMAR, Lab, Blood Bank, etc.) using existing interfaces. This minimizes hospital IT effort.


All data is pushed through the Advanced Clinical Guidance Engine (ACG-Engine™) to run hospital prescribed process controls in real-time.


Deliver actionable insites to the right people at the right time, in the most appropriate way. We securely deliver workflow, patient views and role-specific alerts to users at the right time wherever they practice.


Connect data, medical devices, and best practices for optimal ECMO patient outcomes

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ACG-ECMO by Talis Clinical


Securely store data in the cloud — no downloads to personal devices

Documentation consistent with ELSO standards

Upload caseflow worksheets to EHR


Collect data and display actionable insights on any smart mobile device

Configure the data seen by each team member

Easily configure to your best practice — set alert parameters and checklist steps


Real-time data from the ECMO cart and patient monitor

Update lab values and other data from the patient electronic health record

Integrate charted activities and procedure notes as they happen

Stay Connected with Your ECMO Care Team

Team members have easy visibility to who else is on the team and active in care, and communicating status, events and trends at shift changes becomes simple and efficient.


The Talis-Hub™ connects to equipment and monitors at the bedside. A second Hub system connects to the equipment on the ECMO cart. Real-time data from the Hub systems is integrated with appropriate data from the electronic health record. ECMO operators can input events and activities from any mobile device. All data is delivered into the patient record and stored securely in the cloud.


Integrate and Intelligize

Integrate and Intelligize

Put in place the hospital specific clinical guidances that drive compliance to best practice. Establish the checklists used at all stages of the procedure and document consistent practice among team members. Upload the flow sheets and use outcome analysis to drive continuous improvement of care.

Deliver Data

Data is displayed in both real-time values and trending over time with key events noted. Users have the ability to monitor patients simultaneously and switch easily between patients. Clinicians not in the room can see, consult and advise on patient care.

Case flow sheets are automatically uploaded daily to the EHR system. ACG-ECMO uses the ELSO preferred terminology for all data fields. This simplifies data, data analytics and benchmarking.

Deliver Data

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